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Hoptron 5000 on

Hey everyone.

I decided to release a PC version of Hoptron on Itch, for those who prefer to play on the computer.

The PC version can’t have any in app purchases or ads, so instead it’s priced at $5.99 and comes with the Pixel Breaker sword unlocked.

For the first month the game will be 75% off, so it will only cost $1.49 nice!

Besides the difference in control, and the unlocked Pixel Breaker sword the gameplay will be the same as the mobile version.

Check it out

Hoptron on itch

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Hoptron 5000 – First Review

So the launch of Hoptron didn’t go as well as I hoped.

My 9gag marketing plan failed, I didn’t understand the reddit community rules well enough, posting my trailer and press kit various places didn’t have much effect and out of the 220 reviewers I emailed the best ‘ask for a game review’ email of all time. Only 3 responded.

1 said “Wow that was the best email of all time!” but didn’t offer a review.

the 2nd said “Wow that’s such a creative email, but I only do PC games.”

and the 3rd said “Sure I’ll review the game it looks cool!

The other 217 didn’t respond, or sent an auto reply asking me to pay for a review.

So this post is about the 3rd guy. Magic Tech Review and his review of Hoptron.

It’s a pretty low quality video… not a lot of video editing… and the guy doesn’t do a very good job talking about Hoptron, in fact he barely talks at all. But it’s something.

And he really likes the game saying stuff like “This game is so epic.”, “I love the controls.”, “It’s actually my favorite game right now.” and even calls the game “Pure Awesomeness”

Check it out here:

Anyway it looks like this review won’t get me basically any traffic because it only has a few views. But it will still somewhat exciting to see someone enjoying the game.

It’s obvious to me I need to get much more involved in the gaming community if I can ever get an audience to Hoptron or make my next game successful. A fun game alone isn’t gonna cut it.

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Hoptron 5000 – Now Released!

Hurray, the day we’ve all been waiting for! Hoptron 5000 is now released and playable for free.

Grab in for Android

and Apple

Hoptron 5000 - App Icon


It’s time to kick evil butt as Hoptron 5000, the baddest Samurai Robot Ninja Bunny in the universe!

Take Hoptron on a stylish rampage through waves of evil food monsters, and epic boss battles in your quest to defeat the evil Magic Man jerk face and return to robot world!

Hoptron is a fun filled wacky adventure full of intense action, silly humor, 4th wall breaking jokes, a bunch of upgrades and magic powers, a crazy surprise ending, and a ton of AWESOMENESS.

I’m excited just writing about it!


– Focused on Fun
3 intense game modes to play through, with a sweet story and explosions and stuff!

– Awesome Boss Battles
From Giant watermelons to Evil Birthday Cakes to Enraged Fast Food monsters!

– Daily Arena Mode
Face off against 10 real players in a new challenge every day. The better you do the more points you win to unlock Hoptron’s ultimate ability.

– Crazy Surprise Ending!
Even the game designer was surprised how the game ended! How in the heck!?

– Tons of Power-ups!
Turn your Hoptron into a total badass as you collect Awesome-Points and use these for upgrades!

– Play on the Go!
Only have 5 minutes to play? No problem! Save in the middle of a battle and later continue exactly where you left off.

– Sophisticated Humor Elements
Like fart jokes! Each level replay brings new humorous dialogue between Hoptron and the Evil Magic-Man.


One day, robot world’s most awesome robot: Hoptron 5000 was eating a delicious burrito, when suddenly the Evil Magic-Man appeared.

The Magic-Man declared that he didn’t like Hoptron because he was too awesome or something and decided to steal his burrito and send him to evil giant food world to “die like an idiot.”

Hoptron didn’t die like an idiot though, instead he got angry and decided to slice his way through thousands of evil enemies and intense boss battles to eventually reach the Magic-Man, get his burrito back and return home… maybe…


“This game is better than sex!” – Todd the virgin
“The only bad part about this game, is knowing I have to stop playing it when I die!” – Crazy fan
“Literally the best game I’ve ever played!” – A newborn baby
“Playing this game is better than being diagnosed with leprosy!” – Leprosy sufferer
“Pretty good game sweetie but you should get a real job” – Developer’s Mom

Lame things this game DOESN’T HAVE

– No energy system to limit your play
– No required internet connection, play anywhere, anytime
– No ‘impossible to complete without making an in-app-purchase’ nonsense
– No forced ads, optional ads only
– No locked features requiring you to share on social networks

Just an honest game focused on making you smile!


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Hoptron Coming Soon Dance Off!

With the release of Hoptron 5000 – A Samurai Robot Ninja Bunny on a rampage coming soon, it’s time for a dance off! Vote for the winner in the comments!

Hopton 5000 - Dance GifHoptron - Magic Man - Dance Gif









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Hoptron 5000 – Rejected by Apple

Unfortunately the release of Hoptron is going to be delayed because the version I uploaded just got rejected by Apple due to the Nazi symbols in the game.

I had checked during Hoptron’s development if Nazi symbols were allowed in apps, and had found articles such as this one saying that the Nazi symbol is allowed in some games. Apparently that is no longer true.

It seems the original version of Hoptron will only be available on Google Play while we will have to make due with the Nazi free version on apple. I guess the food monster are just evil, not Nazi-evil.

As for why I decided to put Nazi references in the game in the first place… I guess to me the word Nazi and the Swatstika was just a symbol of ‘evilness’ to be used to show that in fact the food monsters really are evil… and are not just like, friendly confused food monsters just trying to defend their home from an evil robot bunny invader.

Giant evil Nazi food monsters also had a nice ring to it, like the ‘Nazi-zombie’ mode in call of duty.

Maybe I’m just too desensitized by movies like Kung Fury to realize the Nazi symbol might still be a sensitive subject for some.

Anyway look for the Nazi free apple release of Hoptron 5000 and the original Android version coming soon!

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Hoptron 5000 – Trailer!

It’s here the first trailer for Hoptron 5000!

I think it turned out pretty awesomely! The idea was to make it look like such a serious intense game, then contrast it with how silly and lighthearted it really is.

Let me know what you thought!


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RoboSauce – New Logo

I’ve updated the RoboSauce Logo!

Instead of a Robotic Sauce Dispenser which never quite felt right to me, we know have a robot exploding with all his robo-sauciness flying out!

I really love it!

RoboSauce Games - Logo

This also brings with it a new slogan: Games With Heart!

I feel these 3 simple words really captures what I want to create with RoboSauce in a concise way.

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Hoptron 5000 – App Icon Design

When creating the app icon for Hoptron 5000 I needed something simple… but something that could somehow get the feeling and style of the game across from a glance.

This is quite hard to do with a single little square image and I’m certainly no expert.

I liked the closeup face shot of my first icon design… but it still wasn’t capturing that special-ness of Hoptron.

old icon

Then I had an idea… that I think really worked well. Capturing the special ‘deal with it’ part of Hoptron that happens after ever boss battle.

Hoptron 5000 - App Icon

Niiiice. This one feels much more like a winner.

What do you think?

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Hoptron – Promo Screenshots

I’ve created 5 ‘screenshots’ that I’m going to use for the apple and google play stores.

Do you think they will be effective?

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Hoptron 5000 – Main Title Image Artwork

The new title image screen is done.

Hoptron - Title Image

Hoptron – Title Image

I’d appreciate any feedback!


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