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Hoptron 5000 on

Hey everyone. I decided to release a PC version of Hoptron on Itch, for those who prefer to play on the computer. The PC version can’t have any in app purchases or ads, so instead it’s priced at $5.99 and comes with the Pixel Breaker sword unlocked. For the first month the game will be […]

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Hoptron 5000 – Now Released!

Hurray, the day we’ve all been waiting for! Hoptron 5000 is now released and playable for free. Grab in for Android: and Apple: DESCRIPTION: It’s time to kick evil butt as Hoptron 5000, the baddest Samurai Robot Ninja Bunny in the universe! Take Hoptron on a stylish rampage through waves of evil food monsters, and epic boss […]

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Hoptron 5000 – Rejected by Apple

Unfortunately the release of Hoptron is going to be delayed because the version I uploaded just got rejected by Apple due to the Nazi symbols in the game. I had checked during Hoptron’s development if Nazi symbols were allowed in apps, and had found articles such as this one saying that the Nazi symbol is allowed […]

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RoboSauce – New Logo

I’ve updated the RoboSauce Logo! Instead of a Robotic Sauce Dispenser which never quite felt right to me, we know have a robot exploding with all his robo-sauciness flying out! I really love it! This also brings with it a new slogan: Games With Heart! I feel these 3 simple words really captures what I […]

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Welcome to RoboSauce Games!

Hey everyone! My name is Devin, I’m a Canadian Programmer / Designer currently living in the wild world of China and I want to welcome to RoboSauce Games. Through RoboSauce Games I’m going to be making some crazy awesome 2D indie games. Hang out with me here on the blog, and follow me on my twitter […]

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