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Hoptron 5000 – Rejected by Apple

Unfortunately the release of Hoptron is going to be delayed because the version I uploaded just got rejected by Apple due to the Nazi symbols in the game.

I had checked during Hoptron’s development if Nazi symbols were allowed in apps, and had found articles such as this one saying that the Nazi symbol is allowed in some games. Apparently that is no longer true.

It seems the original version of Hoptron will only be available on Google Play while we will have to make due with the Nazi free version on apple. I guess the food monster are just evil, not Nazi-evil.

As for why I decided to put Nazi references in the game in the first place… I guess to me the word Nazi and the Swatstika was just a symbol of ‘evilness’ to be used to show that in fact the food monsters really are evil… and are not just like, friendly confused food monsters just trying to defend their home from an evil robot bunny invader.

Giant evil Nazi food monsters also had a nice ring to it, like the ‘Nazi-zombie’ mode in call of duty.

Maybe I’m just too desensitized by movies like Kung Fury to realize the Nazi symbol might still be a sensitive subject for some.

Anyway look for the Nazi free apple release of Hoptron 5000 and the original Android version coming soon!

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