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Hoptron 5000 – First Review

So the launch of Hoptron didn’t go as well as I hoped.

My 9gag marketing plan failed, I didn’t understand the reddit community rules well enough, posting my trailer and press kit various places didn’t have much effect and out of the 220 reviewers I emailed the best ‘ask for a game review’ email of all time. Only 3 responded.

1 said “Wow that was the best email of all time!” but didn’t offer a review.

the 2nd said “Wow that’s such a creative email, but I only do PC games.”

and the 3rd said “Sure I’ll review the game it looks cool!

The other 217 didn’t respond, or sent an auto reply asking me to pay for a review.

So this post is about the 3rd guy. Magic Tech Review and his review of Hoptron.

It’s a pretty low quality video… not a lot of video editing… and the guy doesn’t do a very good job talking about Hoptron, in fact he barely talks at all. But it’s something.

And he really likes the game saying stuff like “This game is so epic.”, “I love the controls.”, “It’s actually my favorite game right now.” and even calls the game “Pure Awesomeness”

Check it out here:

Anyway it looks like this review won’t get me basically any traffic because it only has a few views. But it will still somewhat exciting to see someone enjoying the game.

It’s obvious to me I need to get much more involved in the gaming community if I can ever get an audience to Hoptron or make my next game successful. A fun game alone isn’t gonna cut it.

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