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Hoptron 5000 – The Godburger

Move over ‘Godfather’, the GodBurger is here… and he’s going to make you an offer you can’t refuse… an offer to die!

That was so cheezy I’m sorry… but I’m not erasing it.

Equip with a gangster hat, cigar and tommy gun, it’s the GodBurger!


Hoptron - The GodBurger

Hoptron – The GodBurger

I hear he’s got some wild gravity sucking abilities, and likes to chew on robot bunnies.

Apparently he’s also completely invincible… without a single weakpoint… nope… not a single one… not the heart between his tomato and beef patty… what? what heart?

Buhahaha hope you are good at dodging because the GodBurger blasts an array of sesame seeds out of his tommy gun faster than you can imagine.

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Hoptron 5000 – Fast Food

The most evil of all food is certainly fast food, obviously because it taste so damn good but is so damn bad for you.

This is why the fast food level is the final level of Hoptron, here at RoboSauce we save evilest for last.

Hoptron - Fast Food

Hoptron – Fast Food

Besides Hotdogs, Chicken Nuggets, and French Fries, the level also has cups of coke, and slices of super evil pizza.

This is by far the toughest level, the enemies do a lot of damage and attack in relentless giant waves that seem to never end. The battle will be worth it though, if you manage to defeat the fast food level you’ll finally be able to confront the evil magic man jerk face!

What would you say is the single most evil food in the world?

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Hoptron 5000 – Nazi Ninja Noodles

The next boss of Hoptron 5000…

He has a similar size, speed and fighting style to Hoptron himself!

The Nazi Ninja Noodles:

Hoptron - Nazi Noodles

Hoptron – Nazi Noodles


He’s got a flying slash, a 4 slash combo, a jumping wall attack… oh and when you get him low in health, he’ll start using his massive super slash!

Battles against the Nazi Noodles are always fast paced and intense. You’ll have to use fast reflexes and smart tactics to take down this quick opponent.

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Hoptron 5000 – The Asian Plains

For those who don’t know it, I’m currently living in China. But even before I moved here one of my favorite foods of all was Chinese food. There’s such a large and tasty variety that Asian food deserved it’s own level in Hoptron.

Hoptron - Asian Plains

Hoptron – Asian Plains

The Asian plains have dumplings, spring rolls, meaty balls on a stick, sushi rolls, and (although they were invented in the U.S.) fortune cookies.

The 8-bit style music has a bit of an Asian flair on this level and really matches well!

Next an image of the Asian levels first boss.

Which level do you think looks coolest so far?

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Hoptron 5000 – Grandma’s Sundae

My grandma used to make the most delicious ice-cream sundaes in the world.

Lucky for me though, none of them were nazi infused, full of evil and trying to kill me.

But this one is!!


Hoptron 5000 - Evil Sundae

Hoptron 5000 – Evil Sundae

This Sundae doesn’t play nice.

While its conscious, it’s invincible to your sword or ninja star attacks.  It will also throw cherry bombs, banana splits and little ice cream baddies at you!

Your delicious death awaits.

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Hoptron 5000 – Dessert Level

Here’s a little teaser art for the dessert level.

Hoptron - Desert Level

Hoptron – Dessert Level

By far the enemies of the desert level make me the move hungry… I have cravings for chocolate chip cookies every time I look at these delicious looking bastards.

The dessert cave level will feature cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, cherry pies, ice creams, and donuts as their common enemies.

It’s sure to give you a craving for some sweets… You’ll also get to destroy them as revenge for how many calories they contain!

Dessert level boss art coming next.

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Hoptron’s New Design


The Old Hoptron

Hoptron’s design so far has just been a placeholder.  It came from an old English teaching game of mine Bunny Tower Climber from Lingopet. Anyway it was finally time to do a proper redesign.

I liked the general size and proportions of Hoptron, but wanted him to look more like a samurai and more like a robot.



I contacted user jamesartist from fiverr asking him for a concept sketch and giving him some details.

A few days later he came back with a pretty cool concept!

Concept art from jamesartist

Concept art from jamesartist










While the art was really nice… it didn’t feel like something I could use directly. The Head wasn’t quite as cartoony as the rest of the game, and the ears would be quite hard to animate in a realistic way.

I decided to use a lot of the body while changing the head to something closer to the old version.

Here’s the final, fully colored result:

The new Hoptron

The new Hoptron







I’m quite happy with it!

And a cool promo front view image with the new armor graphic as well:

Hoptron - Deal with it

Hoptron – Deal with it

Are you a fan of the new design?

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Hoptron 5000 – Eggplant Ali

We’ve moved on to the Veggie level, and what better veggie to beat your face in than a giant boxing eggplant!

I present Hoptron’s third boss: Eggplant Ali!

Hoptron 5000 - Eggplant Ali

Eggplant Ali

Eggplant Ali is a powerhouse. He’s big and stupid (often punching with his eyes closed) but he hits for a lot of damage!

You’ll have to be strategic in your attacks against Ali or he’ll over power you. Attacking him straight on is suicide!

Oh and watch out for his flying Shoryuken attacks. They come without warning!

How do you feel about the design?

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Hoptron 5000 – Fruit Boss # 2

The second boss in Hoptron 5000 and final boss of the fruit level.

Stink King Durian!

Stink King Durian

Stink King Durian

For anyone that has ever encountered a Durian before, you’ll immediately notice 2 things… 1… it stinks like crap man! and 2 anything that smells this bad MUST BE EVIL!

The Durian is the most evil fruit I can imagine so that’s why it’s the final boss of the fruit level.

The Durian floats, flies up into the air and slams down on your bunny face with its giant spikes. It also starts spinning real fast and rolls across the screen hurting everything in it’s path.

Oh… and it’s invincible!…. What!?

As always let me know your thoughts. Are you familiar with this Asian fruit?

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Hoptron 5000 – The WaterMelo-Nazi

Hey guys!

Here’s an image of the first boss you will encounter in Hoptron 5000. The WaterMelo-Nazi!
He will shoot water melon seeds at you from his gun, and then use that gun to try to smash your face in!
He jumps around a lot… and is constantly attacking… but rumor has it, a skilled Hoptron player can slash his watermelon seeds back at him!

The WaterMelo-Nazi

The WaterMelo-Nazi

I’m also going to add an achievement in the game giving a ton of AwesomePoints if you can beat him without getting shot… but that’s going to be no easy task!

Let me know what you think in the comments. Cheers!

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