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They stole your burrito...

One day, robot world's most awesome robot: Hoptron 5000 was eating a delicious burrito, when suddenly the Evil Magic-Man appeared.

The Magic-Man declared that he didn't like Hoptron because he was too awesome or something and decided to steal his burrito and send him to evil giant Nazi food world to "die like an idiot."

Hoptron didn't die like an idiot though, instead he got angry and decided to slice his way through thousands of Nazi enemies and intense boss battles to eventually reach the Magic-Man, get his burrito back and return home.


Lots of Fun

3 intense game modes to play through.

Awesome Boss Battles

From Giant watermelons to Evil Birthday Cakes to Enraged Fast Food Nazi monsters!

Daily Arena Mode

Face off against 10 real players in a new challenge every day. The better you do the more points you win to unlock Hoptron’s ultimate ability.

Crazy Surprise Ending!

Even the game designer was surprised how the game ended! How in the heck!?

Tons of Power-ups!

Turn your Hoptron into a total badass as you collect Awesome-Points and use these for upgrades!

Play on the Go!

Only have 5 minutes to play? No problem! Save in the middle of a battle and later continue exactly where you left off.

Sophisticated Humor Elements

Like fart jokes! Each level replay brings new humorous dialogue between Hoptron and the Evil Magic-Man.

5 Star Reviews:

"This game is better than sex!" - Todd the virgin

"The only bad part about this game, is knowing I have to stop playing it when I die!" - Crazy fan

"Literally the best game I've ever played!" - A newborn baby

"Playing this game is better than being diagnosed with leprosy!" - Leprosy sufferer

"Pretty good game sweetie but you should get a real job" - Developer's Mom