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About RoboSauce Games

After moving to China, Canadian programmer/designer Devin Licastro decided to become the world's best Kung Fu master, and panda racing champion. Things don't always work out as we plan though, with Kung Fu requiring lots of dedication and panda racing being illegal and all... So instead Devin decided to explore his other true passions of robots, explosions, and video game awesomeness... and thus mid-2015 RoboSauce Games was formed.

Devin at RoboSauce Games has one simple goal. To make games that bring as much joy to others, as gaming has brought to his own life.

Devin's favorite games are Super Nintendo classics, and thus his games are likely heavily influenced by flashy 2D graphics, retro music and simple, enjoyable fun.

RoboSauce Game's first title Hoptron 5000 was released in March 2016, and was reviewed as one of the top 5 games of all time where a samurai robot ninja bunny was fighting evil giant Nazi food monsters.